What Does a Principal Really Want?

School principals face a wide range of responsibilities and tasks, the most important of which are imparting the school’s overall educational values and successful teaching.

Successful students who are happy and not frustrated, successful teachers who are happy and not frustrated, satisfied parents, savings in the cost of school expenses and a sense of school pride – all of these are on the principal’s list of goals.

The Genius Notebook series is a didactic revolution of global proportion, a dramatic improvement for students and the entire educational system, leading to success in writing, expression, learning, thinking and organization. It is a comprehensive solution for the principal’s goals of successful students and enhanced schoolwide achievements.

The combination of the huge financial savings that result when using the Genius Notebook (thanks to the fact that it reduces photocopying costs, since all worksheets and handouts can be printed on both sides of the paper), together with the aforementioned didactic advantages, make the notebook a powerful, worthwhile and necessary tool for schools. It imparts important, vital skills at elementary school age, when the habits that students acquire become ingrained and will influence the rest of their lives. Thus, it is a perfect solution for school principals interested in both saving money and equipping the students with the best skills for success in life.

Here’s a special bonus of the Genius Notebook: school administrations are constantly seeking ways to brand and make their school unique, in a way that will spread their founding educational message and the ideals they strive to achieve. The Genius Notebook allows each school to uniquely brand itself on the notebook’s cover, so that the notebooks become another way of spreading the school’s values and creating a schoolwide sense of pride.

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