Out of the Distress Comes the Success

Using the Genius Notebooks opens up a whole world of advantages and solutions that were not available to students before when using current classroom organizational methods.
The use of the Genius Notebook develops and hones among students a “world of scholastic skills” that will accompany them throughout their lives, both in their ability to learn in all subjects and all schools from kindergarten to college, and afterward in the various environments where they will be active as adults. It stimulates a cognitive change in the way a person thinks, writes, expresses themselves, and keeps organized.

Now, using the Genius Notebook, students will have a much easier and more comfortable learning experience. The size of the notebook helps them write neatly and legibly, a benefit for themselves, their teachers who check their work and their parents, who also look at their children’s notebooks, help them prepare assignments and review what the children have learned together with them. The notebook’s size helps students think big, which eventually leads them to new worlds of cognitive and expressive capabilities.

In addition, succeeding on exams will now be easier than ever, with all of the material learned (including photocopied pages) glued into the inner margin of the notebook, sparing the need to switch from the notebook to the binder to the loose-leaf pages. The student’s backpack will also weigh significantly less, and we will no longer see small children hunched under the weight of backpacks that are disproportionate to their own weight.

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