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Using the Genius Notebook opens a new world of precise, didactic and organized teachingfor all teachers, with the results being expressed in the students’ achievements and the quality and quantity of the knowledge that they will retain. This naturally leads to improved schoolwide achievements (on local and national levels) and a satisfied school administration.

Teachers have several objectives as they teach their students throughout the year. Beyond teaching the material and using various didactic methods, teachers also aspire to impart the material to their students in the most organized, clear and correct manner. In order to reach this objective, teachers utilize photocopied handouts, homework, writing assignments and more. In the lower grades, the focus is also placed on learning the language, properly shaping letters and numbers and writing correctly.

The Genius Notebook is a revolutionary tool not only for students, but for teachers whose students use it.
When the size of the notebook is A4 or US letter, students are able to “think big” in a way they never thought they could. The footers keep the letters and numbers, along with arrow cues, right in front of the students’ eyes as they work in class and do homework. The photocopied enrichment handouts that the teacher distributes remain glued into the notebook margin, eliminating “I forgot the worksheet,” “I forgot my binder” – all of the material stays with the student every day. All of these factors ensure a smooth and consecutive didactic sequence.

When the teacher understands the student’s handwriting and the student understands their own handwriting, thanks to the unique design of the pages in the Genius Notebook. The page is cognitively adapted to the student’s needs with clear, bright lines separated by a large space with blue lines – scientifically proven to be an advantageous color. All of this means a wealth of advantages for teachers, who work hard day and night to impart to their students information, writing skills, reading and comprehension skills, scholastic excellence and organizational skills that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.

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