An Easy Way to Generate Successful Learning Experiences

The design of the Genius Notebook facilitates attaching and gluing all of the worksheets that accompany the learning to an especially designated space for worksheets on each notebook page. In this way, a consecutive didactic sequence is maintained throughout the school year, both during ongoing study and when students study for exams. This simple but ingenious idea allows the student:

  1. To study for tests in an organized manner, without skipping back and forth to various pages.
  2. An easy and accessible way to view all of the material learned at any given time.
  3. Promotion of a consecutive didactive sequence that shows students their progress each day. The fact that even a less successful test paper is also saved and attached to the notebook lets students track their progress throughout the year and see that hard work and diligence do pay off, and their grades are improving.

For the first time, a solution has been created that spares students the need to use binders, loose-leaf paper, sheet protectors, dividers and more, in order to study at school.
Until now, the use of small notebooks forced students to glue folded worksheets into their notebooks, use a binder to accompany the notebook, and as a result, to study from several different sources of information, which directly harms their ability to study, concentrate and understand the material – and has a detrimental effect on their grades.

The didactic sequence that is maintained through the use of the Genius Notebook solves these problems, reinforces students’ self-esteem and advances students a few steps forward toward real success in realizing their potential. Over the past decade, studies have proven that the advantage of a consecutive didactic sequence directly impacts scholastic achievements.

Additional Advantages:

Financial savings for parents: One Genius Notebook is equal to 4.5 regular notebooks and spares the need for purchasing supplies that become unnecessary, such as binders, loose-leaf paper, sheet protectors and more.

Financial savings for school principals: Thanks to the Genius Notebook, all of the photocopying expenses are cut, because all worksheets become double-sided.
Healthier for children: The student’s backpack becomes lighter because thanks to the Genius Notebook, there is no need for binders, loose-leaf paper and other supplies.

Advantages for Students

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Advantages for Parents

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Advantages for Teachers

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Advantages for Principles

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