How Much Money is Saved by Switching to the Genius Notebook and What is Gained?

For Parents – When parents have one child in the school system for several years, they spend at least $60 on school supplies, assuming that the items aren’t brand-named products. When they have more than one child in school, the expense becomes even more significant and can pose a real strain for parents.

The Genius Notebook series, with its various advantages, translates into financial savings for parents and school principals that can accumulate to large sums over the years.

Using the Genius Notebook, as opposed to expensive brand-named items, saves money, sparing the need for binders, sheet protectors, dividers, folders and other supplies that weigh down the student’s backpack unnecessarily, hurting their back. Tension among students regarding social status and popularity based on the possession of expensive branded supplies is eliminated.

Using the Genius Notebook has been proven as an optimal solution, and provides:
– Financial savings for parents: One Genius Notebook is equal to 4.5 regular notebooks and spares the need for purchasing supplies that become unnecessary, such as binders, loose-leaf paper, sheet protectors and more.

Financial savings for every school : once school move towards the Genius Notebook, all of thephotocopying expenses are cut by 50%, thanks to the fact that  all worksheets can become dual side printed.

Advantages for Students

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Advantages for Parents

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Advantages for Teachers

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Advantages for Principles

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