Scholastic Organizational Skills Create an Inner Sense of Order

Until now, using small notebooks generated various challenges and problems for the average student: problems with visual focusing, because the line for writing was unclear; problems involving the visual space because of the small size of the notebook page; problems with maintaining the didactic sequence because handouts are saved in various different places and in a manner that is both inaccessible and not visible. Now, the Genius Notebook is introducing a new way of learning to new students and long-time students, teaching organizational skills that will impact the rest of their lives as students and as functioning adults in general.

The Genius Notebook – for all scholastic subjects from kindergarten to college, dramatically improves student performance and the educational system as a whole. It reinforces success in the fields of expression, writing, learning, thinking and organizational skills, and imparting important, even vital, habits during the elementary school years, an age when habits become ingrained in a person’s consciousness.

The Notebooks were developed and designed to enable maximum concentration and ease of writing for students. As opposed to small notebooks, the wide Genius Notebook facilitates a consecutive didactic sequence, focus and organization.

Correct use of the Notebook accustoms the students, from an early age, to keeping themselves organized and neat, and their daily usage builds habits that will impact the rest of their lives. Using the Genius Notebook teaches organizational skills, neatness and aesthetics.

The Genius Notebook Teaches Organizational Skills Thanks to…

Visual Focusing: The lines for writing in the notebook are light-colored, while the line for spacing is blue, which helps students focus on the light line for writing with greater ease. As a result, the connection is made in the child’s mind, as is evident when the student’s handwriting begins to improve significantly. Use of the notebook serves as the basis for organized, consecutive, aesthetic and didactically correct handwriting and learning.

Consecutive Didactic Sequence: The worksheets and handouts are glued at the inner edge of the notebook page, so they can be “turned” like one of the notebook pages. In this manner, all of the material studied can be found in one notebook. Correct use of the notebook accustoms students to being organized and neat, and imparts critical habits that will impact the rest of their lives.

Visual Space: A small page for writing creates a small, limited space for thinking. A large page for writing provides a large space for thinking.

Advantages for Students

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