genius notebook testimonials
I have worked with students of various ages who use the Genius Notebook for writing and math. I warmly recommend all of the versions in the Genius Notebook series.
Tamar Zur Gihon- Remedial Teacher

The students enjoy the way the Genius Notebook makes it easy to keep things organized, the comfort of having all of the content they have studied together and in order without using additional binders. The students enjoy writing and working in their notebooks and won’t go back to using the old notebooks.
Navit Pinchasov- Teacher, Avnei Hefetz Elementary School

From messy handwriting to organized handwriting – thank you for this amazing invention! You saved my son, a fourth grade student, so much suffering and frustration. It’s so beautiful to see. When he saw the notebook, he immediately said – ‘The light lines stand out and I know where I’m supposed to write.
Ramit Politi- Mother at Ben Hahadarim Elementary School, Lev Hasharon

I really like the didactic sequence that the notebook facilitates. For me, this the main advantage of the notebooks, and the resulting neat handwriting is an added bonus…
Asher Benayahu- Teacher, Talelei Chaim Elementary School

The teachers are very satisfied. The students like it a lot and their progress is quick and clear.
Ilanit Hadad- Language Coordinator, New School of Sderot

The teachers are very happy with the Notebook and enjoy using it. We saw a significant improvement in the handwriting of many of our students.
Inbal Avital- Principal, Keshet Elementary School, Zichron Yaakov

We are very satisfied with the different versions of the Genius Notebook. The students’ handwriting is neat and the learning is organized as well.
Orit Dahan- Principal, Homat Shmuel Elementary School

My son is completely in love with your notebook. Gluing the worksheets into the margin has become his hobby. It’s a pleasure seeing the material organized in his notebook after two years of a mess in his backpack.
Tamar Aviad- Mother of Yotam, third grade student

The design of your notebook has caused my daughter to start writing neatly, after many attempts to use other notebooks (including a “smart notebook”).
Orit- Mother of Chen, third grade student

The notebooks are indeed effective. His backpack is more organized, handwriting neater and he really enjoys working in his notebook. Thank you for this excellent product.
Vera Peterman- Mother

We would like to thank you for this wonderful idea. We have two children in elementary school (Ben Gurion Elementary in Givat Shmuel) and aside from the many scholastic advantages, we enjoyed the fact that we could purchase the notebooks alone without any binders or other supplies. The expense was one-time and fixed, and that is no less important than the scholastic advantage.
Oshrat and Hezi Levi

The large size of the notebook and design of the page and lines make it easy to use and effective for neat handwriting, gluing loose handouts, creative writing and filling the notebook pages in an effective, aesthetic manner. Most importantly, the entire learning process in class is concentrated into one notebook.
Ms. Kochi Cohen- Teacher and Vice Principal, Ziv Elementary School, Raanana

The Genius Notebook provides the perfect solution for the needs of the vision impaired. The size of the page, the colors, the special contrast and the very wide lines are exactly what the vision impaired population needs.
Ms. Gila Zeidel- Director of Ofek L’Yeladenu – The National Organization for the Blind and Vision Impaired

The notebook organizes the learning, improves handwriting and facilitates professional, high-quality learning. In addition, it saves money and makes purchasing binders and folders to store pages unnecessary. I recommend that every school use the Genius Notebooks.
Ms. Shiran Simon- Principal, Orot Etzion Elementary School, Efrat

The notebook complements the Irlen solution wonderfully by adapting its colors to the needs of every individual who suffers from visual processing issues.
Ms. Shulamit Elad- CEO, Irlen Israel

My students improved their handwriting after just three lessons. Not only did it help with their writing, but it also increased their self-image and confidence.
Ms. Chana Biner- Jerusalem, Occupational therapist

A clever, necessary and effective idea. I warmly recommend it to any student, parent, educator and school principal. This is the first time in decades that a smarter and more effective product than the old, small notebooks has been developed. Despite the digital age, most students still write with a pen and pencil and not on a computer, at least at school, thus the need for a way to write that is adapted to this age.
Menny Barzilai- Developer of the Michael Method

It’s unbelievable what it does to the student’s awareness. It focuses him completely and within a short period of time, forming letters, words and sentences improves even among high school students.
Ms. Ilana Golansky- Remedial teacher

My son, a third grade student, has unorganized and unstable handwriting. I visited him at school yesterday and saw him working with the Genius Notebook. The improvement was amazing. His handwriting is consecutive, legible and smaller. The structure of the notebook and the lines really helps him write neater and more precisely. I have no words! This is simply an ingenious idea that has boosted my student at school.
Moshe Botvia- Father to a third grade student

I wait for Hebrew class just to write in my notebook. I really like writing and gluing pages into this notebook. In first and second grade, I hated writing and had messy handwriting, and this year, writing is fun and suddenly I am writing a lot, and much more neatly.
Yotam Aviad- Third grade student

At the school where I work, we decided to include the Genius Notebook for English and language subjects on the school supplies list…the notebook is simply amazing!
Sharon Fisher Shamai- Rishon Lezion

A 52 year old woman who suffered from a head injury due to an accident and is in rehabilitation:
“Because I still can’t type on a computer, I am calling to thank you. My sight became impaired after the accident and because of the lines and the white and blue boxes, I am able to write without getting headaches. Now I am in rehabilitation and need to learn to write again, and because of the notebook, I just keep writing and writing. It saves me so many headaches and using markers to emphasize the line. I don’t have a teacher, so the notebook guides me in my writing. The notebook is like my teacher. It helps me write in an organized, neat manner. I just want to write more and more ever since I discovered these notebooks. Thank you to whoever invented this tool.”

Hello, my son is in first grade and he received a Genius Notebook for math and Hebrew. It’s simply wonderful. These notebooks help him so much and it can be used in so many ways. I warmly recommend it. I hope that all of the small notebooks are replaced by the Genius Notebook.
Revital- Mother of a student at Dvir Elementary School in Ashdod

I would like to put in a good word: I first saw your product last year and I liked the idea…I shared it with some of the staff who work with my son, who unfortunately didn’t show much interest. So I decided that he would be the pioneer…This year, he brought it to class. His handwriting is neater, with good spacing. The idea of gluing the loose pages works wonderfully. I think it’s great! The children in his class also showed interest and he showed them that he has a special notebook…Great work! I hope this will spread to as many schools as possible.
Danit Cohen- Mother of a student at Arik Einstein Elementary School in Petach Tikva

The notebook is designed in a manner that makes it easier for students to organize their writing and their studies. The large page and clear lines help them write neatly. Gluing the pages into the margin makes the learning more organized and keeps everything in front of the student. The lines are bright and help students with learning difficulties improve their handwriting. The switch to the Genius Notebook was a smart and good move.
Tzufit Yahav- Fifth grade teacher, Kiryat Arba

The Genius Notebook helped my daughter, who suffered for years due to difficulty organizing herself. The old notebooks posed a challenge to her – so many pages, notebooks – such a mess. Today, she is a very organized, happy girl. Her self-confidence increased because of her ability to keep organized. Thank you for such an important, ingenious product. I hope that all of the schools will adopt it.
Irit Danon- Kiryat Motzkin

All of my students love working with the notebook. All of our 1-4th grade students improved their handwriting within a short period of time.
Sara Bruckner- Teacher at Talelei Orot, Tel Menashe

I feel compelled to thank you for publishing the Genius Notebook. The notebook meets the needs of students in the computer age and encourages creative writing. I hoped for a notebook like this for years, one that spares the students from thinking about the length of their essay based on the number of lines and pages. Today, my students write and fill entire pages, and they enjoy their work and use their imaginations. I hope that the notebook will be used by students at schools everywhere.
Ms. Leah Gartner- Haifa, teaching instructor and Literature teacher

I must update you regarding the change in my son’s handwriting. Your notebook improved my son’s handwriting and the appearance of his notebook within a very short period of time. We tried many different solutions and only the Genius Notebook did the job so quickly. I would be happy for you to publish my recommendation so that other parents and children can benefit as well.
Revital Yona- Lod, mother of a second grade student

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