learning disabilities

How Can We Help Students with ADD/ADHD to focus?

Many children and adults are diagnosed at various stages of their lives with attention deficit disorders or other learning disorders. Attention Deficit Disorder is characterized as a neurodevelopmental disorder that includes a combination of challenges in the following areas (all or some of them):

  1. Inability to concentrate for an extended period of time
  2. Inability to ignore stimulants
  3. Lack of attention to details
  4. Lack of organization
  5. Forgetfulness

Those who suffer from hyperactivity in addition to ADD must face restlessness, the need to constantly move, and more. In recent years, an understanding has developed that a student’s ability to understand and process the content taught is not only a factor of the academic level of the content, but also of the immediate learning environment: good writing materials and ample space are also conditions for learning.

learning disabilities

The Genius Notebook – A Personalized Solution for Students with Learning Disorders

The Genius Notebook offers a series of significant advantages and solutions for students with attention deficit disorders, to be used for all subjects. This is achieved by creating simple tools that show how cognitive organization and focus can easily be obtained and then expressed in the form of proper handwriting and organized learning.

The Genius Series helps students with various disorders that are expressed as anxiety, restlessness and difficulty concentrating, and is uniquely adapted to the needs of students with attention deficit disorders. The notebooks were developed and designed to facilitate maximum concentrate and ease of writing for the students. The Genius Notebook enables a consecutive learning sequence, focus and order.

Thanks to the size of the notebook (slightly larger than A4-sized), the student benefits from a wide optical space for keeping themselves organized, without interfering with the didactic sequence. The pages themselves are cognitively adapted to the student’s needs: the lines for writing are clearly defined, and separated by a large space by blue lines, scientifically proven to help with concentration, visual focus and calmness. The notebook has received warm reviews from supervisors, principals, teachers, parents and students. In addition, the notebook is frequently used by remedial teaching professionals.

Additional Advantages of the Notebook:

  1. A sense of order, cleanliness and aesthetics.
  2. A clear, calm, organized and diametrically different work environment in comparison with visually and auditorily busy work spaces.
  3. Possibility of working for a longer period of time, resulting in a greater sense of satisfaction.

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