Visually impaired
Visually impaired

Is an Impairment a Problem or an Advantage?

Visual impairment is a physical disability in the eye, expressed by one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Impaired sharpness of vision
  • Limited field of vision
  • Difficulty seeing in the presence of strong light
  • Difficulty focusing on a desired point
  • Impaired perception and difficulty deciphering images
  • Difficulty seeing and identifying colors is sometimes also a symptom of visual impairment

The Color Series – Writing Better and More Clearly

This series of the Genius Notebook was developed and designed, for the first time ever in Israel, especially for the visually impaired population so that they can achieve the best, most optimal results in all subjects – English, math and languages. The notebook is the first in the world developed in collaboration with expert ophthalmologists in the fields of sight and visual focusing, the Center for the Blind in Israel, Ofek Liyladenu – Israel National Association of Parents of Children with Blindness and Visual Impairments, the Center for Visual Impairments and many others who contributed their time and expertise to ensure that this population will also receive the tools they need to have an equal opportunity among their peers.

Thanks to the unique design, which contributes to the notebook’s significant advantage in creating a successful didactic experience, and thanks to its attention to the brain-eye relationship and cognitive function among students, professionals specializing in visual focus impairments have adopted the notebook for use with children. It has been warmly recommended by supervisors, principals, parents and students. In addition, the notebook is frequently used by remedial teaching professionals.
The size of the notebook (slightly larger than A4-sized) provides the student with a wide optical space for keeping themselves organized, without interfering with the didactic sequence.

The pages themselves are cognitively adapted to the student’s needs: the lines for writing are clearly defined, and separated by a large space by blue lines, scientifically proven to help with concentration, visual focus and calmness.

In the color series, adapted for the visually impaired, students can write on either the darker lines or the lighter lines, based on their needs and level of comfort.
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Advantages for Students

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