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Handwriting – Letters and Numbers for Preschool and First – Second Grade

Learn to correctly print letters, numbers and words – for preschool and first-second grade children. Includes an alphabet and numbers bar.


About the Notebook

  • A unique notebook that combines handwriting practice for letters, words and numbers.
  • The notebook can be used both for writing/composition and a math notebook for first and second grade.
  • The student focuses on the lighter, well-defined line/box for writing and enjoys a large optical space, as well as the option of gluing handouts to the notebook’s margin.
  • Notebook page: Slightly larger than A4 size – in order to encourage creative writing and gluing of worksheets into the notebook that don’t stick out of the notebook. Faint dotted lines are included to help students write each letter and number in its own space.
  • There is a footer at the bottom of the page showing the alphabet and numbers with arrows for handwriting instructions.
  • The notebook includes 20 pages and its covers are strong and laminated on both sides; the notebook is bound with three strong staples.

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