Genius Pack for 5-6th grade


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The Gnotebook package for 5-6th grade is enough for a full year of study
In all subjects of study.

Buy more and pay less.

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These usage data are presented from the experience of hundreds of schools throughout the country who use the Gnotebook series for all subjects of study.

The notebook package for all subjects

In subjects that do not write much, one notebook can be used for two subjects by buffer page in the middle of the notebook.
Proper use of the genius notebook reduces the weight of the bag and enables maximum and professional utilization of the notebooks.
Great savings in expenses: Thanks to the uniqueness of the genius notebook series, there is no longer a need to purchase binders, folders,nylons etc., and saves about 80% of the use of Glue Stick.
All learning materials are pasted at the edge of the notebook page and there is a glue guide at the end of each page.
The number of notebooks listed here is based on the experience of using hundreds of schools that work with the genius notebook series and is only a recommendation.

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