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Rows model.

Suitable for all students from junior high school to Academia.

facilitates learning.

helps students with ADD/ADHD & learning difficulties, to easily focus while writing.


About the notebook:
Suitable for students from junior high school to post-secondary schools.

Notebook page structure:
The line for writing is bright and well defined, contrasting with the calming blue-shaded line,
assisting with concentration and organized thinking. The student can choose to write either
on the light colored line or the dark-shaded line, based on their
personal preference.

The colors combine to easily create visual focus and enable comfortable and clear writing for
the entire student population (including those with difficulties). The large optical space of the
page creates expanded cognitive thinking, which drives the writing.
The notebook page is slightly larger than A4/Letter size in order to allow gluing of worksheets into
the notebook without sticking out.

The transition to the use of the notebook eliminates the need for binders, folders, or
sheet protectors.

The notebook is also suited to people with difficulties and those who are challenged by ADHD.

The details:
There are 40 pages in a notebook, made of 80-gr tree-free paper. The elegant cover is made
of 220-gr strong paper, printed in color and coated with high-quality double-sided lamination.
Educational institutions and authorities, can add a decorated message to the cover at no
additional cost.

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