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Why is it Really Necessary and Specifically Now?

Students of all ages throughout the world deal with many different writing assignments using pages that are not adapted to today’s digital age and to the needs of modern-day students.

Since the computer entered our lives, the student’s perspective, and in fact every person’s perspective, has changed dramatically. The average person is surrounded by screens and distractions everywhere. In many areas of study, the reality has been adapted to the digital age and the student’s needs (all textbooks and study booklets that exist today have A4-sized pages, from kindergarten), but for writing, the daily use of small notebooks is not in sync with the times and is even harmful to the writing and learning process, especially among young students.

Struggling students and visually impaired students are not provided with suitable solutions, resulting in devastating learning gaps that prevent them from receiving an equal opportunity to advance.


The Main Problems with Using Small Notebooks

Visual Disturbance: In small notebooks, the lines are not clearly visible, making it difficult for students to write their letters properly. In older students, the problem is expressed when they need to review their notes before a test. Their handwriting is crowded and illegible, and this directly influences their scholastic achievements and learning capabilities.

Limited Learning Space: The page of a small notebook does not facilitate expression, does not offer cognitive space and does not encourage written expression. The optical space for a piece of paper, worldwide, is A4-size, not the size of a small notebook page.

Disorganized Learning: The use of accompanying handouts is very common at every age and in every subject in the digital age. The use of a small notebook means pasting folded papers into the notebook, or using a separate binder in addition to the notebook. This interferes with the didactic sequence and requires the student to study from various sources of information, which directly harms their ability to learn, concentrate and understand. This in turn directly impacts the student’s grades.

Waste of Money: Using small notebooks means a significant, unnecessary financial expense to purchase binders, plastic sheet protectors, dividers, folders, and other supplies.

The Solution

The Genius Notebook Series – A didactic revolution of global proportion, bringing students and the entire educational system dramatic improvements and success in the areas of writing, expression, learning, cognitive thinking and organization.

The significant financial savings that come with these didactic advantages make it a powerful, worthwhile and necessary tool for educational systems, imparting important, vital habits during the student’s formative years when lifelong habits are acquired that will impact the rest of their lives.

The Genius Notebook series is available for all scholastic subjects (English, Math, etc.), from kindergarten to university. The notebooks were developed and designed to enable maximum concentration and ease of writing for students. As opposed to small-sized notebooks, the wide Genius Notebook facilitates a consecutive learning sequence, focus and organization.

genius notebook

The Exclusive Advantages of the Genius Notebook

Visual Focus: The line for writing in the notebook is light, and the space between the lines is blue – a design that helps students easily focus on the light writing line. The result is that their handwriting improves dramatically and serves as a strong basis for organized writing and learning that is consecutive, aesthetic and didactic.

Visual Space: In the notebook, the pages for writing are A4-sized, which enables the student to see a large page and as a result, to “think big.” This positively impacts the student’s creative ability when writing answers, in addition to a writing and learning experience that suits the new age.

Didactic Sequence: Handouts and worksheets are glued to the margin of the notebook page and loose pages can be turned like the notebook pages. The notebook page remains available for writing and the notebook is fully utilized instead of wasted. All of the material studied can be found in one notebook.

Teaching Organizational Skills from a Young Age: Using the notebook correctly accustoms young students to being organized and neat, imparting critical skills that will impact the rest of their lives.

Huge Financial Savings: Using the notebook makes binders and other related supplies such as loose-leaf paper and sheet protectors unnecessary, lowing costs for parents by several dozens of dollars per year. The school’s operational expenses also decrease – thanks to the Genius Notebook, for example, photocopying expenses decrease since all worksheets are printed on both sides of the paper.

Added value

Increasing awareness and imparting proper organizational and aesthetic habits.

Branding/educational message on the notebook cover and encouraging school pride.

The notebook is not only a genius idea, it is also a great social project. Using the notebook yields definite financial savings: about $60 per student per year, and hundreds of dollars per family when one or more of their children are in elementary school.

Technical Specifications

The notebook pages are composed of 80 gram tree-free paper fastened with three staples. The notebook remains intact and strong throughout the school year. The notebook’s cover is printed in color and coated with high-quality lamination. The notebook is not heavy due to the quality and density of the paper used.

Genius Loose-Leaf Paper

Each version has matching US letter or A4-sized loose-leaf paper to facilitate practice, freestyle writing, dictation, tests and more, according to the needs of the student, teacher and subject.

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